Smash and Grab protection and more benefits of window film

What is "Smash and Grab"?

  • It is a term used to describe a robbery that is done by breaking a window of a vehicle and stealing whatever can be taken quickly.
  • Installing a protective window film specially made to prevent a "smash-and-grab" robbery is a great security investment. The protective film is usually tinted so that no one can see into the car, while also preventing the windows from shattering. While the glass breaks, the film holds the pieces in place, which further protects you from broken glass.
  • There is a range of security films available, varying in thickness and strength. A 200-micron two-ply system is the one most recommended for protection. Ordinary smash-and-grab film is normally 100 microns in thickness but these thinner films don’t give the glass enough structure to hold it in place. 

More Benefits:

  • Other benefits include the protection of passengers from being hit by dangerous glass splinters when the glass breaks in side-impact accidents.
  • Windows film can also reject up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, helping to protect you against skin cancer, and your car’s interior from fading and cracking.
  • Safety film forms an invisible shield to reduce glare and resultant eye fatigue.
  • The film also improves your comfort by keeping the vehicle interior cool and comfortable in the scorching heat, reducing the load on the air conditioning and thus saving fuel.


  • Prices will depend on the quality of the film as well as the number of windows you apply the film too.
  • Be aware that some films are merely shatterproof and not anti-smash-and-grab – the two terms are not synonymous.
  • Before you buy any product, ask how it works, and be informed about the technology.

Security Tips:

  • The media reports regularly on so-called “ Hijack Hot spots”. These tend to be places where criminals know drivers can be easily distracted and they can make a quick and easy escape after they committed the crime. 
  • The most likely targets are
    • Single drivers with belongings on the passenger seat.
    • Female drivers as they know that women are less likely to chase after them.
    • Drivers who are distracted – specifically those busy a cellphone!
    • Vehicles left unattended in isolated spots and with valuables visible.


  • Keep in mind that Insurance Companies might offer a discounted premium to vehicle owners installing window safety film on their vehicles. Speak to your insurer or broker.

Posted on Sep 21, 2020 by Auto Repair Directory

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