Why should you fill your car tyres with Nitrogen?

What is Nitrogen? 

It is a chemical element with the symbol N and atomic number 7. As a non-toxic, colourless, odourless unreactive gas, it forms about 78 per cent of the earth's atmosphere. Liquid nitrogen (made by distilling liquid air) is used as a coolant.

What are the advantages of Nitrogen use in tyres?  

  • Tyres run cooler - because it is a pure gas, it does not hold heat.
  • It can reduce tyre pressure variation caused by changes in tyre temperature.
  • Oxidation is blocked. It does not oxidize the tyre rubber from the inside, as air does.
  • Extend tyre life.
  • Nitrogen is a green alternative.
  • Better fuel consumption.
  • Less frequent pressure checks are needed.

With how much Nitrogen should tyres be filled?

  • The normal air you put into tyres already has about 78% nitrogen
  • The balance consist of dry air consists(21%) and the rest is CO2, water vapour, some neon, argon, and small amounts of other gases.

Disadvantages of Nitrogen

  • Once you have filled your tyres with nitrogen, it is necessary that you have to refill with nitrogen only!
  • Although mostly free across Southern Africa, not all service stations have the capacity to fill/refill.

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Posted on Sep 21, 2020 by Auto Repair Directory

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